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Colette Kenny is a writer and homesteader sharing great tips on self-sufficiency.

A New Website

Welcome to this new version of the Half-Acre Homestead website! All of the same great content is here. I love the way that this web design highlights my blog, too. If you have already subscribed before, rest assured, you are still on the list and will be notified when there are new blog posts and How To Guides.

If you are new to the Half-Acre Homestead community, you may be wondering how to register for my free online course: “Growing Self-Sufficiency: The Whole Picture.” The next time the course will be offered is likely early July 2023. To get on the waitlist, please send me an email at welcome@halfacrehomestead.ca with the word “Waitlist” in the subject line. If you are new and have not subscribed before, you can do so at the bottom of this page.



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